Seco Island in Tibiao Antique

For my 3rd research about the hidden paradise of the Philippines. I’ve found a place in Tibiao Antique that  they called Seco Island.   


31 2010 -Aerial photo of Seco Island

Seco Island used to be a sanctuary for fishermen seeking refuge from bad weather during their fishing expeditions. Even until today, it is visited by fishermen to sun dry their fish. There is no infrastructure, no trees and definitely no vendors on the island, just pure white sand surrounded by crystal clear body of water in the middle of the ocean.

32.jpg -Sun Dried Fish in Seco Island
Karmila Rose Dimamay 2014

Adventures in Seco Island

A Haven for Kite Surfers

Considered by Yahoo Philippines as one of the top five kiteboarding spots in the Philippines, the beauty of Seco Island is now put into the limelight. Category level for kiteboarding is three to advance.

Seco Island Beach Lagoon


For kite-surfers, the island provides consistent strong winds that could propel surfers up to 50 to 150 ft. high while on their surf boards and the shallow and clear water with sand banks are perfect for jumping and aerial tricks. This is way better than the winds found in Boracay, which is why Seco Island is fast becoming a favorite destination among kite enthusiasts who don’t mind traveling all the way from Boracay.

Seco Island in Antique

With an average of 4 ½ hours scenic trip from Boracay to Seco Island, kitesurfers, particularly advanced ones can easily return to civilization once the thirst for adventure on a remote island is quenched.

36 Saving The Seco Island

Saving Seco Island

Last June 12, 2014, the Philippine flag was raised in Seco Island in celebration of the 116th Philippine Independence Day. The objective of the historical event is to help preserve, protect and rehabilitate the island paradise.


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